Home Loans

Are you looking to buy a new home, renovate your existing home or simply looking for a better deal? At Addisons we understand that the process can be very daunting. With over 300 different products available from banks and building societies today, it can be very difficult and time consuming.

We have access to and an understanding of all of the loan products on the market today. With our in depth knowledge of the products and with a complete understanding of our clients needs, we are able to tailor a product that best suits their situation – let us help.

Don’t be dictated to by the banks: At Addisons we work for you the client, not the bank. We operate independently of any of the banks but have access to all their products – imagine that, never having to deal directly with the banks again.

Comfort and convenience: The process of gaining approval is very time consuming and demanding, at Addisons we believe this is what we are good at, we will get you the loan enabling you to spend more time doing the things you want, like spending time with friends and family, or even work commitments.

Get ready to buy: At Addisons we will walk you through the approval process and hold your hand at each step along the way. We will deal with the greedy banks for you, guide you through the required paperwork and once we identify the most suitable product for your circumstance we will submit the loan and gain the approval on your behalf. Giving you the ability to go forward and find the property of your dreams.

Getting a better rate for your existing loan: Many borrowers are frustrated with our big banks, increasing rates at their own leisure, not passing on the full rate cuts, what’s next?? Given that there are over 300 products on the market today the chances are that there is a better deal out there for you.

No matter your situation or requirements – we are here to help.