Are you completely happy with your current home loan?

Does it meet all of your requirements or do you think there may be a better deal out there for you?

Addisons has assisted many Australians find out that refinancing their home loan is a successful means of reducing the lifetime of their loan.

Let us show you how refinancing your home loan will allow you to obtain a new loan to pay off your existing loan. Refinancing provides a mechanism to improve your home loan by lowering the interest rate, reducing the mortgage term, or swapping between variable, fixed rate loans and other loan products.

Typical reasons for refinancing:

  • Change in circumstances. For example, an addition of a child to the family and the desire to change your financial commitments.
  • In order to access the equity on your existing property. This may be important for other investment purposes such as the purchase of a second property, investment purposes, home renovation or debt consolidation.
  • Desire to fix the interest rate on your loan or swap over to a variable rate. Moving to a fixed rate can be very advantageous for budgeting. Whilst moving to a variable rate loan can greatly improve the flexibility.
  • Change to a different loan product that will assist you to pay off your loan sooner or provide greater flexibility. You may like to switch to a home loan with fewer monthly and annual fees and with greater redraw facilities.

It is worth considering refinancing your loan. Even if you are happy with your existing loan, you may find that a change will greatly reduce the time it will take you to pay off your home. Paying off your home sooner can make a great difference to your lifestyle. The savings over the life of your loan may make the move very worthwhile.

Enquire today about what options are available to you and increase your prospects of owning your home sooner and kick starting your journey to becoming financial independent