SMSF Loans

Addisons can help you use your Self Managed Super Fund to buy residential / commercial investment property

  • Suitable for those who already have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or are planning to establish a SMSF.
  • You have an established SMSF home loan on your residential investment property and are looking for flexible options.
  • Use a SMSF to borrow and invest in real estate which is residential investment property – this may be a strategy to diversify your investment portfolio and accelerate wealth creation.
  • A limited recourse loan, so other assets of your SMSF are protected.


  • Use rental income to assist in repaying the loan
  • A limited recourse loan where the amount the lender can recover on default is limited to the secured property itself and all other assets of your SMSF are protected.
  • Potential Negative gearing benefits - offset loan interest and expenses against rental income.