We take managing your investments very seriously. Our approach is centred around a tailored and personalised service which is strongly focused on asset portfolio management. We are simply not just in the mould of collecting rent – we partner with you to ensure your investment delivers consistent returns, regularly review your assets performance and ensure it is maintained to a high standard.

Increasing numbers of serious investment property owners are realising and agreeing, that it is best to use an asset manager that specialises in property management. A normal real estate agency focuses their energy on selling properties. We don’t sell properties,  so our focus remains on managing investors properties. When you focus on only one thing day after day you get really, really good at it. We see ourselves as you Professional Investor Partner.

We see our relationship with you as a long term partnership built on trust and advice. Our aim is to provide excellent results whilst delivering you a world class service experience during every moment of our relationship with you.

Making the right choice of Property Manager can have a huge impact on achieving the full potential of your investment. Whether you are a first time investor or are considering leasing out your family home, making the right choice of Property Manager can make a huge difference – let us help.

We believe that all successful business relationships rely on trust and partnership.

It takes great care and skill to lease and manage a client's investment property effectively, whilst also maximising the return at all times. We take enormous care with tenant selection; we personally show all tenants through each property and conduct thorough reference and database checks. Only the most suitable tenants are ever selected.

Whether you are overseas or based in Australia, you'll want to make the most out of your real estate investment.

You may have plans to purchase an investment property, or already own a home or apartment to rent out to tenants. Either way, Addisons can help you maximise your returns - offering a mix of investment and property management to address every possible circumstance on your behalf.

Addisons are experts in Sydney Property management and offer superior service including industry leading tenancy application vetting and application. You will benefit from our experienced property managers who have been employed to work for Adisons, because of their experience in managing investment properties and because of the referrals they have received from the owners of the properties managed. Also our property managers have received further extensive training in industry leading practices to help them rent your property as soon as possible, find the best tenants for your home or investment property.

Did you know: We can help you with difficult tenants, we also do regular inspections and we make sure we get you the best rent possible maximising your return. We do extensive tenant reference checks and drive past their current residence if possible, we do this and more to make sure we only put into your property the best tenants possible.

We manage properties all over Sydney. Our  property managers have helped build the great reputation that we have with tenants and property owners alike. So if you need help with Sydney rental property management and have a rental property, contact us today for professional property management services - we are to help.

Other services include: Financial health checksbuyers agentauction bidding and vendor advocacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why use a property manager?

Many landlords and investors are financially-savvy, but some can be left in the dark when it comes to finding tenants, dealing with day-to-day property issues or legal jargon.

The team at Addisons take all the hassle out of managing and maintaining your property. Our first step will be to ensure you get the right tenants –our tailored marketing naturally attracts a significant volume of prospective tenants and our detailed processes for checking applications will ensure your rental income is secure.

We'll also keep on top of the maintenance at your property and will contact you immediately in the event an issue arises.

You'll also find that landlords who enlist the help of a property manager may be eligible for more comprehensive insurance cover and other advantages – ask our team how we can add value to your situation.

How much rent can I receive for my property?

To determine how much rent you can charge for your property, you will need to assess the market rent - in other words, how much money similar properties in your area are renting for. Adisons can assist in determining what is the optimal level rental for the property.

A good place to start is to carry out some research online. It is important to pay attention to the requested prices, as well as how long the properties stay on the market at those rates. Addisons can provide you with plenty of useful information on comparative rentals in the area.

How long is a typical lease?

In Australia, standard lease periods are generally either six or 12 months. While longer lease terms are possible, you are likely to find a smaller number of tenants who are willing to commit to this time.

You may wish to speak to the team at Addisons about the different advantages of each lease length and help you determine how to maximise your return most effectively.

Can I increase the rent during the lease period?

Current rent rates must remain in place for the remainder of the lease term - but if you then want to increase the rent, you should give your tenant the required notice that you intend to change their rates at the end of their current lease.

Notice periods can vary from state to state - Addison can help you with the process in your area.

Is it mandatory to enlist the services of a real estate agent to manage a rental property?

While you are not required to have an agent manage your rental property, it is important to know that private owners are bound by the same legislative requirements that also apply to real estate agents. Let Adisons take care of all your property investment requirements.

This means that if a private owner was found to be in breach of the Residential Tenancies Act, they could be subject to the same disciplinary action - including potential fines - that would apply to real estate agents.