Auction Bidding

At Addisons we give you strategic advantage over other purchasers, allowing you to take control and secure a property at a great price through our well executed bidding strategies. Knowing when not to bid is just as important as knowing when to bid – let us help.

Addisons auction bidders have the experience to ensure the correct strategy is implemented. We understand auction rules and take a calm and professional approach, in an unemotional way.

Auctions can be a great way to purchase, however most homebuyers find auctions emotionally draining and intimidating. These high pressure environments are designed to ensure that it is easy to spend more than planned, that can lead to long term financial stress.

Lets us take the hassle out of the auction bidding process. With a buyers agent representing you at auction you will save time, money, stress and receive expert service. We are expert auction negotiators and save our client’s money by knowing how to play the right moves at auction.

Addisons is available for more than just bidding on the day for you. We can undertake all research, due diligence and provide an independent appraisal on the property and negotiate on your behalf. In today’s competitive real estate environment it is definitely worthwhile considering all your options. Negotiating prior to auction helps put you to the front of the queue and secure the property before it goes to auction.

Addisons is a full service property and finance company that empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals. Clients have the ability to utilise any of the services on an individual basis or as a complete package.

Other services include: Financial health checksbuyers agent and vendor advocacy.