Property Investment

So you are interested in growing an existing or building a new property portfolio? How can we assist?

At Addisons we won’t just show you how to buy property, we will educate you how to build a property portfolio that will generate both capital growth and future income. Addisons empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals by providing a range of tailored professional services.

Successful property investors understand the benefit of relying on industry experts like Addisons Advisory Group to build and manage their Sydney property portfolio. Many investors rely on a ‘hope and see’ strategy never fully understanding that certain properties or strategies can assist their chances of becoming a successful property investor.

With Addisons as your Professional Investor Partner we will tailor a strategy that best suits your circumstances. In determining your best investment strategy we need to understand a number of variables. Are you looking for generic capital growth or manufactured capital growth? Are you a growth investor or income investor? Along with other factors the answer to these questions will determine what strategy is best suited to you.

We believe in expanding the asset where appropriate. In simple terms -  this means, where possible, manufacturing capital growth rather than solely relying on the market. The increase in equity that this strategy generally produces then can be targeted towards reinvesting, to further expand a client’s property portfolio. Addisons is able to coordinate this strategy through our property renovations service.

Some insightful observations we have made over the last 20 years include:

  • Understand the salesperson is working for the property owner
  • Where you buy is often more important than what you buy
  • Where you buy is often more important than when you buy
  • The outer suburbs of the big cities, often deliver stronger rental returns than those closer to the coast or central CBD
  • The key to success is financial education
  • Many properties sold are never publicly advertised
  • Cashflow and capital growth are equally important
  • The finance structure of your portfolio is important
  • The ongoing review and monitoring of your portfolio is important


Addisons is a full service property and finance company that empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals. Clients have the ability to utilise any of the services on an individual basis or as a complete package.

Other services include: Financial health checks, property management servicesbuyers agentauction bidding and vendor advocacy.