Vendor Advocacy

Our Vendor Advocacy service takes the stress out of selling your home and dealing with local real estate agents. While Addisons independently and exclusively works for the buyer, we are often asked to help clients whether upgrading or downsizing their home.

This service assists the Seller throughout the whole process. The aim of this service is to not only give you the best opportunity of maximising the sale price but to also ensure the transaction goes smoothly – lets us help.

Our vendor advocacy services includes:

  • An independent appraisal of the fair market value of your property
  • Selecting a good local selling agent – we interview the better agents on your behalf
  • Determining the best marketing and advertising strategy
  • Recommendations on the best method of sale – private treaty v’s auction
  • Complete reporting on behalf of the selected agent to you

Many sellers don’t have the time or inclination to do the necessary background checks on the most appropriate selling agent for their property. Some real estate agents may over quote, this is known as “buy the listing”. After they are engaged to sell your property, they then spend a large portion of their (and your) time talking down the price of property, hoping to get your expectations back in line with realistic market levels. Sound familiar? Unless they are successful in doing this, then they won’t be able to sell the property.

It is important to get realistic advice from day one to ensure you understand the real value of your property. We have had instances where clients who owned a $1million dollar house had 4 agents give appraisals, with a $400,000 variance between the lowest and highest appraisal. Do you think they were confused? Who wouldn’t be. To get straightforward and reliable advice, speak to the team at Addisons prior to selling your property – let us help.

Please note we never represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction.

Addisons is a full service property and finance company that empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals. Clients have the ability to utilise any of the services on an individual basis or as a complete package.

Other services include: Financial health checks, property management servicesbuyers agent, and auction bidding.